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M-Area and Metallurgical Laboratory Hazardous Waste Management Facilities Groundwate Monitoring and Corrective-Action Report, First and Second Quarters 1998, Volumes I, II,& III

Authors: Chase, J.
Abstract: This report describes the groundwater monitoring and corrective-action program at the M-Area Hazardous waste Management Facility (HWMF) and the Metallurgical Laboratory (Met Lab) HWMF at the Savannah river Site (SRS) during first and second quarters 1998. This program is required by South Carolina Hazardous Waste Permit SC1-890-008-989 and Section 264.100(g) of the South Carolina Hazardous Waste Management Regulations. Report requirements are described in the 1995 RCRA Renewal Permit, effective October 5, 1995, Section IIIB.H.11.b for the M-Area HWMF and Section IIIG.H.11.b for the Met Lab HWMF.
Publication Date: 30 Oct 1998
Report numbers: WSRC-TR-98-00149
DOE Contract number: AC09-89SR18035
Resource Type: Technical Report
Research Organizations: Savannah River Site
Sponsoring Organizations: DOE
Country of Publication: United States
Language: English
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